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About Me

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I'm a military spouse which means a lot of time away from my husband. I remember I had two little ones and it was exhausted and not present. I remember thinking "we all need sleep!" I felt so easy and like I couldn't connect with our youngest. We decided to sleep train her and it changed my life! I quickly looked into getting certified because I new I wanted other parents to feel this good!

Yes, sleeping is needed for children to thrive, but it's also needed for parents to thrive in their parental life, their marriage, the work, etc! So I'm here for YOU!! The parents!!

I got certified through The Cradle Coach with certifications in infant and toddler sleep, newborn care, sleep for fostered and adopted children as well as a certification to work with children on the Autism spectrum through The Pediatric Institute. 

I love reality tv, telenovelas, music, dancing, and helping!

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