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Bottle Aversion?? 10 Tips To Help Baby Bottle Feed

Eating enough during the day effects how much your baby needs to eat during the night. As your baby gets older, they'll need less feedings during the night and eventually no feedings at all. UNLESS, they aren't getting the right amount of formula or breastmilk during the day.

According to babies should be feeding:

  • Newborns- every 2-3 hours and about 2-3 ounces a feeding

  • 2 months- 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours

  • 4 months- 4-6 ounces per feeding

  • 6 months (and beyond)- 8 ounces every 4-5 hours

If your baby is getting the appropriate amount of feedings and is 4 months of age or 12 pounds, you can start to see them get longer stretches of sleep during the night! WE LOVE THAT! However, if baby isn't, they NEED to be fed to get in the right amount of calories for healthy development.

If your baby isn't taking the bottle or nursing I would start by checking for a tongue or lip tie. Both have an effect on latch, which means baby physically can't feed how they should.

Once you are sure they don't have any form of a tie (per pediatrician, speech pathologist, PT), you can start to assess and try a few things to help them start to take the bottle:

  1. Change the nipple flow- oftentimes, the nipple flow makes it harder for them to get milk/formula out. It becomes too much work, so they tap out. Try going up in the flow.

  2. Change nipple/bottle type- sometimes the shape of the nipple effects their desire to drink from the bottle as well.

  3. Warm the nipple- make it more like the temperature of your skin

  4. Warm the bottle- you can also make this more like the temperature of your skin

  5. Space out feedings- some babies are snackers! Try pushing back their feeding by 5 minutes to start and see if they take more in. Keep pushing it back by a few minutes to see if it increases their intake.

  6. Formula type- your baby might not like the formula they're being given. Some companies send samples. Consider signing up and try different brands/types.

  7. Change positions- your baby might prefer to feed in a different position. If they're in daycare and take more while they're there, ask them what position they feed them in. What is the environment like?

  8. Switch off- babies LOVE to nurse with mom but if she's an option, they sometimes won't take the bottle. Have someone else try to feed them (you may have to leave the room while they get used to it).

  9. Trickery- If you're nursing, consider pumping and putting that in the bottle. Rub some of that on their mouth and when they open it and realize it's breastmilk, have them drink from the bottle. Eventually you switch it to formula if you desire.

  10. Snack time- Try offering the bottle as a snack rather than a feeding. MAKE SURE THEY'RE IN A GOOD MOOD.

Most importantly, be patient. Any change can take time for a baby. Keep being consistent and if you have any concerns, speak to their pediatrician and ask them for more tips.


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