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Daycare Naps & Your Little One

One of the most common concerns parents have when I speak with them is regarding daycare naps and their child. Some babies and toddlers only nap well in daycare, some only nap well outside of daycare, they're concerned over the timing of the naps and what to do on weekends. It's a lot!

While many babies and toddlers are used to the dark room and white noise, daycares can't really opt for that idea because their priority is the safety of ALL the children. Sleep sacks or swaddles are best kept to be under the control of the parents since every child can be at a different stage and looking out for babies who might begin to roll while away from the parents just isn't safe.

Here are some ideas & tips to discuss with your child's daycare (or future daycare) & how to handle other situations :

TIP #1

Check with the daycare for their daily schedule to see what time they have naps scheduled for. This allows you to have your child adjust to that time before they begin. If they are already in daycare, you can work on this at home to get them on track with what the daycare is doing.

TIP #2

Speak to the daycare to see if it's ok that you bring a portable sound machine for your baby or toddler. You can also ask them if it's ok to bring a comfort item from home.

TIP #3

Discuss your child's sleep needs with the daycare. If they are getting too much sleep, they won't sleep well at night.

TIP #4

If your little one is at daycare part time, move their nap a little bit later so they can go down for their nap after you get home. This might also mean a later bedtime.

TIP #5

Many daycares will transition your child out of the crib and into a cot. If it's causing issues at home because they sleep in crib at home, consider a sleep training method to help with the transition.

TIP #6

Feel free to ask the teachers for a nap report. This way you can be aware of any patterns that may effect their night sleep.

TIP #7

If they fall asleep in the car, aim for an earlier bedtime to make up for the time they lost. Typically 30-45 minutes earlier is suggested. If they fall asleep in the car and can be transferred easily, have at it!

TIP #8

On weekends, stick to the daycare schedule as best as you can so that your little one can stay on track.

TIP #9

Teach your child how to fall asleep independently BEFORE they start in daycare. This alone can help troubleshoot many issues and they'll be able to adjust back to their training if something is off.

TIP #10

Be patient and understanding as they go through the adjustment phase. Daycares can only do so much and will work with you the best way they can.

Have any other tips that helped you and your little one? Share them with me!

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