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False Start VS. Split Night

You FINALLY get your child to sleep only to see they wake up 30 minutes or so after being put to bed or somewhere in the middle of the night and they're ready to party. Talk about wanting to pull your hair out!

A False Start is when your child wakes up 30 minutes or so AFTER being put down for the night. One of the causes is scheduling. Baby is put down too early and they take it as a cat nap. I would ask you to consider pushing bedtime back by 15 minutes or so to see if this helps. Finding the right schedule for them is vital when it comes to healthy naps and healthy night sleep.

The other key to this is making sure your baby knows how to fall asleep on their own. All of us wake up throughout the night, but for adults; we know how to put ourselves back to sleep. It's the same with babies and toddlers (babies under 8 months of age who need to fed at night can still do this as well).

A Split Night is when your baby wakes up somewhere in the middle of the night and seems fully awake and ready to start their day. This can happen when they are overtired, undertired, or are going through a regression. The key here is to find the correct schedule for them and not having them nap too long during the day. Good day sleep connects to good night sleep, so making sure your little one knows how to fall asleep independently is key. If they are going through a regression give it 6 weeks and during that time try not to create a new habit that can't be sustained after it's passed.

If you're needing one-on-one support or don't know where to start, never fear!

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