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Holiday Travel

The holidays are coming!! For some that could mean having people stay at your house, for others it's driving or flying to visit family.

Regardless of how you get together with family, every parent knows that it can be tricky and stressful traveling with little ones if they aren't used to it.

Today I want to give you some tips on how to make the holiday travel a little bit easier.


  • Whether you're flying or driving, consider doing the bulk of the drive or flight during their regular nap time.

  • If you are driving overnight, start around their normal bedtime.

  • Make a "travel basket" with new toys and activities to keep them busy and INTERESTED

  • SNACKS! Kids live for them (so do I to be honest). The new thing is a snack box that has different compartments and you fill it up with different snacks. Another way to keep them interested and entertained.

  • Mess free coloring! Crayola sells their mess free markers which is a great option when it comes to coloring.

  • Scratch art! I get mine at Target, and it's stencils and artwork already done and they take the stick and scratch things off to reveal the colors. Sort of like a lottery ticket. Lol.

  • Devices. No explanation needed here I think.


  • The Slumberpod! This is a great way to create their own space while room sharing, as well as keeping their space pitch black. YOU CAN TAKE $20 OFF WITH CODE: LITTLEONES$20 at www.

  • Travel sound machine

  • Anything you can do to recreate their regular sleep environment (sleep sack, blackout curtains, lovey).


  • If you are going to a different time zone for less than a week, you don't have to adjust them ahead of time unless you want to.


  • You can add in a cat nap

  • You can also try delaying bedtime 15-30 minutes each night


  • This one tends to be a bit easier so the important thing is to watch your baby or toddler for over tiredness.

I hope this helps as you enjoy your time with family and friends! If you're needing more support, you can always book your consultation at:

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