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Nighttime Potty Training & Sleep

One of the hardest things for parents to tackle is potty training. We dread it. We get frustrated, and just when everything seems good to go, we start to think "is it time for nighttime potty training?"

With that, comes changes. Changes that can impact their sleep! We have a good rhythm going and do we dare tempt fate?!

Potty training is a major milestone and just like many other milestones, sleep may be impacted. In fact, it's to be expected especially since they may need to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Let's go over a few tips to help things go a little smoother.

Tip 1- start with an independent sleeper. Having a toddler that already knows how to go back to sleep easily without a lot (if any) assistance from a parent, really goes a long way with nighttime potty training.

Tip 2- wait until they are fully potty trained during their wake hours. Some suggest at least 6 months of daytime training, but waiting until they're even older can only benefit you and them, since the older they are, the more they understand their body.

Tip 3- limit liquids at least an hour or more before bedtime and don't let them use it as a stalling tactic for bedtime.

Tip 4- get them to use the bathroom consistently throughout the day.

Tip 5- prepare for accidents. They're going to happen, so setting out an extra set of underwear and pajamas is a great way to cut out time. Peejamas is an amazing company that we use ourselves, and they have a great peel away mattress pad just for this.

Tip 6- incorporate bathroom time into their bedtime routine and give them extra time if needed.

Tip 7- try a reward chart for every time they wake up dry. However, if it doesn't happen (and many times it won't), don't shame them. Say something like "that's ok! I used to do it too! We'll try again tonight."

Tip 8- make sure they've been waking up with a dry diaper for at least 2 weeks.

Tip 9- dress them appropriately. Peejamas is a GREAT product! Their bottoms have an extra, comfortable lining to help with the accidents that are natural for every child.

Tip 10- CELEBRATE!! Every.Little.Success. It all counts and encourages your toddler to continue to work at it.

If you're wanting to potty train but don't have an independent sleeper just yet, please click the link to see how I can serve your family.

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