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Traveling Made "Easy"

Travel! Does that make you nervous or stressed out? If so, then you're my people! Traveling used to make me panic. I still get stressed, but it's gotten "better." Often times we as moms plan everything as best as we can but having kids can sometimes derail our plans.

If your baby or toddler are on a schedule, we then start to worry about their naps and how they'll nap. Where?! When?! Same for bedtime! As if we don't have enough on our plates!

But alas! I'm here to help and want to give you as many tips as I can. Some from my own experience, and other tips that I just know work.


  • Whether by car or plane, if you have a baby, aim to start your drive a little before their nap time. We know babies love a good rocking. If by plane, try to schedule the flight during their nap time. Offer a feeding during take off and landing for their little ears.

  • DEVICES! Babies and toddlers love to watch their shows and their songs, so having a device ready and charged to go can make the travel day go a lot more smoothly.

  • FOOD & SNACKS- Bring extra milk, formula, breast milk, your pumping device, and extra snacks for your toddler to keep them occupied (great if you're flying and they have to wear their mask).

  • Extra chargers for all devices and keep them on you instead of in their bags so that you can make sure they're available at all times.

  • Extra diapers/underwear- We know accidents can happen anywhere, so be prepared with diapers, underwear, wipes, AND the bags for their stinky messes.

  • Disinfectant wipes- You never know when you need to clean because your toddler had an accident.

  • Toilet seat covers- For public bathrooms or airplane rides, they come in handy! I myself have a portable toilet seat cover that folds into a small square that makes it easy to pack.

  • Travel blackout curtains- We still love a good dark room. Simulating their sleep environment can help make traveling easier. If you don't have a travel curtain, aluminum foil or even black trash bags will do the trick!

  • Travel white noise machine- We don't want to get rid of the white noise, so bring a travel white noise machine (maybe even two).

  • Activities- You know what your child loves. Consider getting them some new activities they'll love to keep them busy (coloring books, puzzles, etc.).

  • Naps- Aim for at least one nap in the crib or pack n ‘play (but don’t freak out if it doesn’t happen).


  • If you're staying at someone's house, speak to your host on the sleeping arrangements. If they have or have had babies, they may have a pack n' play or crib you can use during your stay with them, as well as toys and baby essentials.

  • If you don't want to pack everything (which we tend to do), think about renting the things you need! Baby Quip has EVERYTHING you need when traveling and they'll even bring it to you! TIME SAVER!

  • If you're booking with Air B&B, select the options that show you the spaces that already have pack n' plays or cribs available. Many spaces even have a playroom!

  • Time Zone Change- If you’re traveling to a different time zone and will be there longer than a week, you can get them used to the new time before you begin traveling. If you’re going to be gone for leas than a week, don’t get them adjusted and just make bedtime earlier or later (depending on time zone).

**MOST IMPORTANT TIP: extend yourself and your little one grace. Things happen, we all need to adjust, but just have fun and make awesome memories**

So those are my top tips for traveling with baby or toddler. If you have any other tips, feel free to share them with me and the world!

I've added some links to help your search go a little smoother. HAPPY TRAVELING!

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