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Have you ever wondered, "will my child ever sleep?" or "how do I get my bed back?" This is the place for you! We've all been there: tired and sometimes grumpy. It doesn't have to be like that. Let me come along side you and help you one-on-one.

Sleep training begins at 4 months or 12lbs (whichever comes first) and goes up to 4 years old.

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Hi, I'm Jamie Ortiz, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

I'm so happy to be getting involved in helping parents achieve their goal for their child and for themselves when it comes to quality sleep. So many things can affect good sleep which is vital to a health lifestyle. I'd love to take this walk with you and your little one.

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"I did a lot of research on sleep training, tried to do it myself and found myself failing over and over. My child was 2, it felt like a lost cause. I was sure that my bad sleep habits were son engrained in him that we would find our selves waiting years before he would sleep in his own bed, in his own room but then we met Jamie… within 2 weeks we were on a schedule that worked. It took a lot of energy, patience, and support from our sleep coach to get here but my family is better for it. So many things she asked me to do I was unsure my toddler would understand but to my surprise he was capable of understanding and our relationship was better for that. Jamie was our coach but she was also a friend, I was able to be vulnerable and honest with her & she helped guide me through it. The first night of being in our bed alone felt like a vacation getaway for my husband and I. we couldn’t be more grateful for everything Jamie taught us!"- Sammi, mom to Karson, age 2

"I don’t even know where to start, Jamie gave me something no one else could have given me, PEACE! She was incredible from beginning to end, she listened to my concerns and assisted with no judgement and she was always and I mean ALWAYS available during our training process . I can’t thank you enough."-Lakiesha, mom to Ryan, age 9 months


"You know that feeling of “I’m never getting sleep again with this child”? Jamie puts an end to that feeling!

I used to have to rock my daughter to sleep and if I set her in the crib she’d wake up instantly. Jamie helped my daughter become comfortable in her crib and learn that naps/night time is a safe calming time. She answered my calls and texts promptly and politely. We now have a regular schedule, and I can schedule my day around nap time! I can’t say enough great things about Jamie, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"-Meghan, mom to Avery, age 9 months

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