My Must Haves

Coco Moon Swaddle

My favorite blanket EVER

CatchAll by Prince Lionheart

This is perfect to catch all the food your child throws. Easy to clean and HUGE!

Biggest Playard

Great for when child is too big for regular pack n' play

Sleep Sack

My favorite sleep sack. Great for when phasing out the swaddle. The CUTEST designs and colors. (I receive a small percentage of this product).


So cute, handy, and


easy for baby to grab

Sound Machine

Not everything has to be pricey. This one makes it easy to travel with

Door Monkey

I love this for toddlers who keep escaping their room


LOVE THIS! So great for when baby is transitioning from a bottle. Even has handles!!

Copy of Installing Sleepout - Dark.jpg
Blackout Curtain

This curtain truly blacks out light. Easy installation as well! (I receive a small percentage of item sold) 


These pajamas are PERFECT for when your little one has small leaks at night. Get rid of diapers (save money) and take advantage of the comfortable lining. All you have to do is rewash! ( I receive a small percentage of this product)

Pregnancy-Infant Loss & Rainbow Babies

Loss of Baby

This book is AMAZING! It really helped me with the loss of our Benjamin. Pastor MacArthur takes heaven to another level.

I Love You Still

A great memorial book for your angel

A Rainbow Baby Story

I have this in my library and read it to my son often. A beautiful way to explain how special they are

Someone Came Before You

Another one in my


collection. I just love


this story

I suffered infant loss when our son, Benjamin was born at 21 weeks. My husband, family, friends, and more faith helped me keep it together. All these books are in my own library at home. I hope you find peace in knowing your little one is with the Lord and if you need prayer, please reach out to me. 

If you or someone you know has suffered loss, take a look at these books and see what stands out.

Psalm 34:18
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.