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Does ST mean "cry it out?"

No. While, crying is the way babies communicate , each method provides timed check ins.  

How long does ST take?

Sleep training can take about 2 weeks to see FULL results. You'll see VAST IMPROVEMENTS nights 1-3.

How hands on are you?

Everything is done virtually, but I am very hands on. Each package offers support and I don't go to sleep until your child falls asleep.

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Does my child need ST?

Simply..the answer is no. if your little one is happy, healthy, and getting a good amount of sleep, the decision is up to you. If you're happy, celebrate that!

Is it ever too late to ST?

It's never too late to sleep train your little one. While it can take longer the older they are, sleep training works for those between 4 months-4 years of age.

Will ST ruin the bond with my child?

Absolutely not. Sleep training is simply teaching your little one how to put themselves to sleep and how to put themselves to sleep should they wake up at night (not feeding related).


Concierge Pediatrician-Central Florida (Premier Concierge Pediatrics

Dr. Aaron Weiss is an AMAZING pediatrician who offers concierge services. That's right! He can come to you, you have direct access to him and his team, and he treats you like a real friend. You can find more information on Dr. Weiss and his services by clicking here. 

Nanny Agency-South Florida

Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency-WEST BROWARD is your one-stop shop for all things nannies. Overnight, travel, daytime, etc. Nicole and her team do an amazing job of pairing you with the perfect fit not only for you, but also your little one(s). You can find them by clicking here.



Central Florida- Childbirth Concierge serves Central Florida and offers expertise on doulas, lactation support, postpartum support and more! Visit their site by clicking here

Vero Beach- Birth Roots services Vero Beach and surrounding areas. Kristen offers prenatal care as well as postnatal care, yoga, and more! Visit Birth Roots by clicking here

Austin- Cheyenne from The Tatted Doula is a GREAT full spectrum doula. She's got you covered from beginning to end. And did you know....her husband is on the team too!! Visit their site by clicking here.

Lactation Support

California- San Francisco Bay Area- Brandi Flores, IBCLC offers lactation support as well as oral assessments and much more! To learn more and to reach out, visit her site by clicking here

Pediatric PT

Texas- Wonder Pediatric Physical Therapy and Wellness. Amreen received her clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Texas El Paso in 2015. She has worked exclusively with children and their families in acute and outpatient settings over the last 7+ years. She is now a board certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist and specializes in treating infants with torticollis, plagiocephaly  and gross motor delays. She is the owner of Wonder and love building relationships with her families and watching their little ones gain independence and confidence. Wonder pediatric physical therapy and wellness also offers wellness visits/developmental screening. Wellness visits are similar to well-child visits with pediatricians except it focuses on the infant’s milestones, movement pattern and play. Appointments can be made to acquire information regarding tummy time, age-appropriate toys for cognitive development, assess milestones and add purposeful play activities so infants can learn, play and thrive. You can visit her site by clicking here.



Central Texas- Donna at Dazzling Light Photography is UNREAL! She specializes in newborn shoots, family shoots, milestone shoots, and what I call "this is art" shoots. To contact her visit her site here.

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