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About Little Ones Sleep

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Certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Newborn Care Specialist

I'm an Army wife and mother of two on Earth and one in heaven. After years of being OBSESSED with sleep and schedules for my son, I finally decided to become a certified pediatric sleep consultant. Being certified through The Cradle Coach has been such a great accomplishment for me! I love reality TV, all types of music, LOVE ballroom dancing, and Oreos. 

I'm here to help you and your family in any way I can so that you can all sleep, because let's be honest....if baby isn't sleeping.....if your toddler is still sleeping in bed with you (and you can't get that to change), then you just aren't as happy as you could be! My promise is to provide you with respect and with reaching the goals you have for your child(ren).

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My Philosophy

Jamie Ortiz

Little Ones Sleep Society was created out of a passion I had for pediatric sleep. Always researching and trying to figure things out on my own, I started seeing how this could become a career. I love helping when and where I can, so trust me when I say....THIS WORKS. I'll always ask you to trust me and trust the process because I want to see results just as much as you do. 

Sleep training does not mean "cry it out" and thankfully, that idea is changing. Each method has timed check-ins and I will never ask you to do something you aren't comfortable with. Bottom line; if the parent isn't ready or comfortable, it won't work.

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