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Baby Loves Sleep Co. Product Review

I was so excited when Baby Loves Sleep Co. sent me some of their items for me to review!

As a sleep consultant, we get asked a lot what products we recommend, why, and for what age.

Baby Loves Sleep Co. sent me their swaddle and their sleep sack. They also sent me two other products so be sure to check out the blog for those.

First, you should know a little about them. Created by a mom and designed in Australia, the quality of their product is by far one of my favorites. Their swaddle and sleep sack are organic cotton and feel great on the skin.

Now, for the review......

First up we have the swaddle. Remember that once your baby starts to show signs of rolling over, you should transition them to a sleep sack.

It starts off as a square wrap that you can mold to your newborn's shape. Like most swaddles, there's a spot for their arms so they can keep them where they like. I loved that it the swaddle itself is wide since every baby is different. You really can customize the fit just for your newborn. They also have the CUTEST print! Good for boy or girl, I received the bear design and even my toddler said "it's so sweet!"

Be sure to read the directions on the correct way to wrap your little one and how to use those inside pockets for their arms.

Next up we have the sleep sack!

Now, I LOVE A SLEEP SACK! I find them so beneficial for baby's who have transitioned out of the swaddle and most brands let them go well into toddlerhood.

The one I received is for 3-6 months of age and is also made from organic cotton. The great features of this sleep sack are:

  1. Stretchy and moveable for the roller.

  2. Zipper opens from the bottom and goes across the body so diaper changes are a breeze!! No need to grab their legs and hoist them out of the sleep sack.

  3. Keeps baby warm.

  4. The material is thick enough to protect your little one from scratching if they have sensitive skin issues.

  5. Comes with wrap inside for you to use just in case you feel it's too wide.

  6. Of course, the pattern!!

  7. The design lets them sleep in whatever position they're most comfortable.

I'm a huge fan of this brand, that it was designed my a mom, and the quality of what they are making!

Best part?

You get a discount! Use code LITTLEONESSLEEPSOCIETY for 15% off!! Click here to head over to their website.


Be sure to follow them @babylovessleepco

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